HONK! Climate Social

October 9, 2021

In response to community feedback, we organized a super chill climate social for at Foss Park. We co-organized with Honk!, as part of their decentralized Honk Fest this year. We thought, how can we let this pass us by and not find somewhere outdoors to gather for a couple hours of celebration and connection? Some other community groups did this as well throughout the day, including an East Somerville parade organized by MAMAS earlier in the afternoon.

Honk band Ghost Town brought music, joy, and good vibes, leaving lots of time for mingling. It was a meet-and-greet gathering, where people could connect informally, safely, and meaningfully, for a time or in passing, to celebrate and learn about the incredible climate change and justice-related work happening all over Somerville. Both Mayoral candidates swung by, as did a State Representative, and several candidates for City Council and School Committee.

Climate Candidates Forum

October 5, 2019

With a city election just a month away, we hosted a Candidates Climate Forum. Over 70 Somervillens came to the Visiting Nurses Association community room on a Saturday morning to hear City Council and Mayoral candidates respond to the community's questions about climate change and related issues.

First up were nine of the City Council candidates. Watch the video: https://youtu.be/i0AlPXTSakA

Then came the Mayoral candidates. Watch the video: https://youtu.be/-rksvMkksiE

Would you rather read their responses? We gave the City Council candidates an opportunity to expand on their responses and reached out to the candidates who couldn't make it in person. We also asked the School Committee candidates a few questions. Download the summaries below:

City Council, Mayoral, School Committee

Climate Social: Growing our sustainable community at the Growing Center

September 22, 2019

The day before the Fall equinox -- and also in connection with Global Climate Strike Week and Climate Preparedness Week -- we gathered outside for another Climate Social at the Somerville Growing Center. We had a great presentation from Claire O’Neill on native plants and how we could get involved with Earthwise Aware’s citizen science programs.

Somerville Sustainability Tour and Bicycle Month Kickoff Party

April 28, 2019

Because so many Somerville residents want to be a part of Somerville’s sustainable future, we organized a Sustainability Tour on April 28. Twenty Somervillens opened up their homes and businesses to share how they are living and doing business more sustainably, from deep energy retrofits, solar panels and air-source heat pumps, to de-paved yards, native gardens and zero-waste household strategies. Our self-guided tour covered the whole city.

We followed that up with a special celebration to kickoff Bike Month. Hundreds of cyclists, biking and sustainability advocates and bike businesses gathered at Aeronaut Brewery for an afternoon of activities, live music, a panel discussion about car-free cities and, of course, great beer!

Climate Social at the Somerville Museum

November 13, 2018

Community is everything! To help build climate resilience we hosted a social to bring together all who care about our environment and relationship with it, and are curious to learn more on what's happening locally to counter and prepare for climate change. And we got to check out the Somerville Museum's current exhibit, Triple Decker Ecology, from David Buckley Borden, which looks at the impact of climate change on our urban landscape, now and into the future.

Climate Social at the Arts at the Armory

January 24, 2018

The Climate Coalition of Somerville formed over six months ago. To announce ourselves to the world, we held a public launch event at the Cafe at the Armory. All of our organizations got up to speak and introduce ourselves to elected officials and interested neighbors.