Member Organizations

Somerville Climate Action:

Grassroots collaborative working for a safe and stable climate while helping to build a resilient, just, and sustainable community.

Mothers out Front:

We build our power as mothers to ensure a livable climate for all children.

Fossil Free Somerville:

Grassroots group of Somerville residents, City workers and retirees who are committed to building a future free from fossil fuels and a strong grassroots climate movement.

Green and Open Somerville:

Working to improve and increase green space in Somerville, focusing on ecological restoration and native planting.

Indivisible Somerville (IS):

IS combines traditional grassroots strategies with modern technology, rapid innovation, and collaborative action to empower community members to actively and effectively participate in the political process.

Our Revolution Somerville:

Building a coalition that advances progressive causes and politics in Somerville, MA.

Groundwork Somerville:

Strives to bring about the sustained regeneration, improvement and management of the physical environment through the development of community-based partnerships.


We communicate the science, policy, and practices of restoring soil as a climate mitigation solution.

Friends of the Urban Forest: (contact email)

Tree preservation and care, as a lens for government transparency on environmental issues

350 MA Cambridge-Somerville Node:

We are a network of volunteers living in Cambridge and Somerville (and a little farther) that engages in municipal action, statewide legislative advocacy, and narrative-changing efforts to address climate change and its environmental and community impacts.

Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW):

A network of community members and local leaders building grassroots climate resilience through inclusive & hands-on education, service, and planning.